How to Manifest Anything Using the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is one of the HOTTEST things right now, and for VERY good reasons! As a kid, I was a wisher. On birthday candles and wish chips, pennies in a fountain and wishbones. I would always make wishes. I would close my eyes and think of my wish. My wish was ALWAYS for a box of Smarties, how innovative right? I can’t remember loving them THAT much but I guess it was always my deepest desire. Of course without relating the two, my life always contained an abundance of Smarties. Maybe this was because they were so easily accessible and my parents would usually buy them for me if I asked, but maybe I was manifesting these wonderful little candies into my life. Whichever way you looked at it, my wish would always come true. This was my earliest experiences with using the Law of Attraction to get anything I wanted.

The first time I ever had vocabulary for the Law of Attraction was when I watched The Secret. If you’ve seen it, you probably just have memories of how hoaky it was and laughing at the idea of being able to think about winning the lottery and it happening. From my experience, The Secret is just a very exaggerated presentation of the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is all about manifesting your deepest desires. It’s about becoming clear on what you want in life, aligning your actions with your desires and manifesting anything you want.


How to Manifest your Anything Life Using the Law of Attraction

As a skeptic myself, I never really believed any of it until I found my practice to be successful. The way I look at the Law of Attraction and manifestation is that once you become clear on what you want and focus on working on that thing, you put in the work and do what it takes to get yourself there. BUT because I personally do believe in the power of the universe and love a little magic, I love believing that I desire what I desire for a reason and that my desire is out there somewhere waiting for me to manifest it.

The best thing about the Law of Attraction is that you can subscribe to any religion or belief or none at all and the Law of Attraction can still work for you.

Like I mentioned before, one way to look at the Law of Attraction is to simply see it as you becoming super clear on what you want and committing to putting in the work to get there – no magic included.

If you believe in God as an old dude in the sky you can STILL make the Law of Attraction work for you. Maybe your belief is that you desire what you desire because that’s part of God’s plan for you and his powers are what brings that desire into fruition.

Whichever way you look at it, the Law of Attraction is an amazing and wonderful thing that anyone can practice and use to create the life of their dreams.

Get Clear On What You Want

The first step to manifesting ANYTHING is to get so freaking clear on what exactly it is that you want. The Universe can’t provide you with all of your desires if you don’t even know what those things are!

Write down a list of all the things you want in your life. ALL OF THEM.

Be very clear and specific with what you want.

Along with each of your desires, you’re going to write up an affirmation (or a couple) to help you tell the Universe what you want. Write these things out as if you already have them.

For example, if you wanted to manifest getting the apartment you applied for you would write:

“I am getting the apartment I applied for”

“I am so grateful for my new apartment that I love”


Visualization is another huge part of manifesting anything. You can do this a couple different ways by doing visualization meditations or even just getting quiet and focusing on what it is that you want.

I’m a visualizer, I like to visualize ALL the time. I visualize when I’m getting ready in the morning, when I’m working, even when I’m going to sleep.

My most visualized desire these days is actually living in the house of my dreams. I visualize myself in a cozy little home, decorated perfectly with all of my things in it. I know exactly the layout of the house, how I’ll decorate it, where I’m sitting, etc. I’ll go about my day in my head, living and working from my dream home. I’ll even visualize laying in my bed, as I am in the present moment, but being in my dream house instead.

Above visualizing, I make sure to really feel what it would feel to be in my apartment. I imagine what it’ll feel like walking around, having the sun coming in through my floor to ceiling windows, how I’ll feel laying in my bed going to sleep, looking out onto the city lights or waking up to sunshine flooding my bedroom.

I allow myself to be immersed in the visualization, to really feel it and believe it.

Detach From the HOW and Focus on the Outcome

When I heard this tip, it was one of those “ah-ha” moments for me. It clicked and really just made so much sense.

When you’re manifesting everything you could possibly want, it’s important to go through the motions, visualize everything surrounding your desire and visualize you receiving what it is that you want BUT once you get to the end, you must detach from the entire journey.

Of course it’s so much fun to visualize the entire journey beginning to end and how exactly everything is going to pan out but you have to remember that it’s the end point that we’re working towards.

For example, if you’re manifesting your dream job you would go through the motions from applying to the job, to prepping for the interview, to actually going to the interview, etc. At the end you would visualize yourself getting offered the job. Maybe in your visualization you get a call to come in to meet with your future employer, you go into their office, have a chat, and get offered the job. Well, when this desire comes to fruition in real life what might actually happen is you get a phone call with the job offer. Either way, you get the job, they just happen in different ways.

Ultimately, getting what you want is the important part and how exactly it happens isn’t something to cling to. Focus on the outcome and detach from the ‘how’.

Put In The Work

Unfortunately, laying in bed thinking about a million dollars wont make it come to you. And if it does please share your secrets with me because that’s damn amazing!

Along with becoming clear on your desires and really visualizing the process and you getting what you want, it’s equally as important to do your part in the process and align your actions with your desires and affirmations.

If you’re manifesting your dream apartment you have to go out and apply of course! It’s not going to come to you if you don’t do your part.

Figure out what your part of the manifestation is going to me. If you’re manifesting winning the lottery, go out and buy a ticket. If you’re manifesting the love of your life, go out to places that the love of your life would be and surround yourself with people like the love of your life or people they’d hang around with.

Do the work. Put yourself in the right places and positions so when the Universe is ready to hand you what you want, it’s that much easier!

Don’t Limit Yourself

The world is your oyster. Dream as big as you can possibly dream.

Anything you could possibly desire exists out there in the world AND you have the power to make it yours.

Don’t limit yourself.

You want a car? Manifest a car.

You want a million bucks? Manifest a million bucks.

You want to be fed grapes by an oily buff man? Girl, go NUTS!

What are 3 of your deepest desires? What are you going to start manifesting today?

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