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3 Ways I Practice Self Love

3 Ways I Practice Self Love

Radical self-love. It’s something we’ve heard people say a lot lately but not something we’ve necessarily picked up ourselves. Amongst the noise from the different industries who capitalize on our insecurities, we hear the small but noble cries of women advocating for radical self-love. We need women to love themselves, to know their worth. Imagine a world where women completely and utterly loved themselves. Where they didn’t question their worth or felt the need to hide their imperfections or silence their voices. A world where women radiated confidence and light wherever they went. Imagine a world where women made it their mission to empower and inspire the people around them, rather than bringing them down. This is what happens when women practice radical self love. This happens when women love themselves so much that their positive energy radiates into the world around them, allowing everyone around to be completely engulfed in powerful energy of love and light.

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Women, with their feminine energy have the potential to change the world, however, women have been torn down and devalued for so long that sometimes we can’t even find value within ourselves.

This is not ok.

Part of my mission with the balanced bean is to help women rediscover the powerful feminine energy that they possess within their own bodies. It’s my mission to empower women to love themselves radically so they can live their most amazing lives and inspire those around them.

Just like anything else, when you love and care for yourself, you have the potential to radiate life and energy. You have the potential to completely and utterly love yourself.

3 Ways To Practice Radical Self Love

When I began my wellness journey, of course I didn’t love myself the way I do today. my “wellness journey” first manifested itself as me trying to lose weight. I wasn’t doing so because I was worried about my own health. I was trying to lose weight because I didn’t love myself how I was and I thought that if I changed how I looked I would finally love myself the way I needed to.

I’m going to tell you right now, that’s not how things work.

The mindset of “I’ll be happier when…” is so counterproductive it hurts. I put so much pressure on myself to make the changes I wanted and believed that my happiness depended on it so when I didn’t see the progress I wanted, I was even more hard on myself.

I’m so grateful that I’ve gotten to where I am now. Where my happiness doesn’t depend on how I look. My happiness comes from inside of me. It comes from the things I choose to do with my time and the people I choose to surround myself with. My happiness comes completely from within.

With the following habits and tips, I have completely fallen in love with myself. I love spending time with myself and I don’t rely on other to provide me with happiness. I no longer get all my happiness from temporary things or temporary people who don’t love me the way I am.


Listen To Your Body

The first and easiest way to start practicing radical self love is to listen to your body! Your body is ALWAYS sending you messages and signals.

We’re more familiar with some signals than others, like when we’re hungry or tired or when we get that “gut feeling” that something’s wrong. Throughout my wellness journey I’ve learnt that my body is constantly communicating with me.

Of course it would be so much easier if our bodies could speak our language or shoot us a text to tell us when something’s up but that’s just not the case.

Your body is so amazing. It does so many different things without you telling it to. Can you remember the last time you consciously told your body to breathe? After you eat do you have to consciously digest your food? Of course not! Your body just does those things on its own which is why it’s important to become conscious of all the things your body does without you telling it to.

For every function your body does without you telling it to, your body has a method of communicating with you. Think of listening to your body as learning a secret language only you and your body know.

Ever get sick or gassy after eating a certain food? That’s your body communicating with you.

Those breakouts on your skin. Your body communicating with you.

Get tired mid-day? *1 new message from your body*

The challenging part of working with your body and listening to what it’s saying is breaking the habit of ignoring it which is something we’re all way too good at doing! Even I had a hard time getting into the habit of listening to my body but once you start making an effort to check in with your body all the time, it will become second nature.

The easiest way to listen to your body is to make note of all the abnormalities you experience daily. This could include:

  • Breakouts and other skin issues (your skin can tell you SO much)

  • Feeling uncomfortable after eating certain foods

  • Feeling lethargic all the time or just after eating certain foods

  • Feeling moody on a regular basis (don’t use the excuse that you’re emotional because you’re a woman, your body could be trying to tell you something!)

  • Etc.

Check out this post all about listening to your body for even more helpful information and tips! By making note of what your body is telling you, you can move on to resolving those problems and making your body happy!

Commit to showing your body complete and utter respect!


Date Yourself

This is an idea that I remember hearing so long ago and it always stuck in my head. It’s the idea of “dating yourself” and it’s pretty self-explanatory.

The idea behind it is to treat yourself like you would your significant other. This means taking yourself on dates, doing things that make you happy, buying yourself gifts, cooking yourself your favourite dinner, etc. Take yourself out, show yourself a good time! The idea of dating yourself is kind of like typical self-care only we’re going above and beyond to show ourselves how important we are.

Dating yourself also gets you in the habit of enjoying time by yourself. So often we fill up our alone time with phone time. Anytime we’re alone or in a situation where we don’t know anyone around us we go on our phones. Let’s practice spending time alone and getting comfortable with ourselves.

For example, as I write this post I am spending the weekend and this cute little resort and spa all by myself. The drive here I had a tiny bit of anxiety for the unknown and of course the unknown is easier to deal with when you’re with someone else. This weekend has been all about getting as comfortable as I can with being alone and doing things that you normally wouldn’t do alone, alone so this morning I went down for breakfast all by myself. I only used my phone to take pictures of my view and to update my parents. I brought my notebook with me and spent the morning planning an exciting project and going over affirmations I wrote up last night. It felt really nice being present in the moment instead of being removed by my phone.

The more time you spend alone and getting comfortable being alone, the more your love for yourself will grow until you’re so in love with yourself that it fills your heart completely to spend time by yourself and treat yourself just as well as you would the person you’re dating.

Come Up With Self-Love Affirmations

If you know me you know I’m all about affirmations. Affirmations in their simplest forms are affirming sentences that can help you feel better in any situation and manifest anything you would like.

Affirmations have changed my life.

Most commonly you would use affirmations to help put out into the universe exactly what you would like to manifest into your life. There are literally affirmations for everything.

You want to manifest money? There’s affirmations for that. What you manifest your dream job? There’s affirmations for that. Want to manifest an oiled up greek god to feed you grapes? I’m sure there’s an affirmation for that!

You can’t hate yourself into loving yourself, but you can definitely manifest radical self love.

I have found that the most powerful affirmations are ones that I’ve come up with specifically for my own limiting beliefs and I’m going to share with you how I come up with them because it’s so simple.

First you’re going to figure out what it is that’s holding you back from loving yourself completely and then you’re going to write affirmations that are the opposite to those beliefs.

For example, if you hate being by yourself and you always need to be with someone else to feel happy one of your affirmations could be:

“I am comfortable spending time by myself. I don’t need to be with others to feel happy. I feel happy when I am by myself.”

Once you have your affirmations you’re going to want to flood your life with them. Say them every day when you wake up and every night when you go to sleep. Write them on sticky notes and post them everywhere. Stand in front of the mirror and recite them to yourself. Really feel the words you’re saying.

Affirmations also make really good life jackets when you feel yourself slipping into a dark place that isn’t filled with self-love. Use affirmations like these to help bring yourself back up and really feel the love you have for yourself:

“I completely and utterly love every inch of myself. I am grateful for all that I am”

“I am a beautiful and valuable person. I love myself entirely”

“I am worthy of self-love”

If you’re having trouble coming up with personal affirmations,  Pinterest will be your BEST friend!

What’s your biggest block to self-love? Where are you going to take yourself on your first date? 😉

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