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4 Mindfulness Practices to Instantly Ground Yourself

4 Mindfulness Practices to Instantly Ground Yourself

Mindfulness or living mindfully is a very simple concept that can root itself in all aspects of our lives. To me, living mindfully means living a more aware life. It means to live in the present moment and to be fully conscious to your surroundings, to others, and to the decisions you make in life.

It’s easy to fall into a habit of internalizing what we’re told to think about, rather than having our own thoughts. We dwell on the past and worry about the future, rather than living in this very moment. For me, mindful living involves not only doing my best to live in the moment but it also involves educating myself on different topics so that I can be a more mindful and conscious habitant of this earth.

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Today I’m going to share my favourite ways of being mindful. These practices alone, without even dealving too far into the world of mindfulness, can change your life so I wanted to share my tips for those of you looking to become a little bit more grounded in this moment!

Take a step back

With the way the world exists around us in this very moment, it’s more difficult than ever to zone in and focus on this moment than ever before. When you find yourself deep down the rabbit hole, take a step back. Realize how far you’ve removed yourself from he current moment. Becoming conscious of this is the first huge step in the right direction. Once you take a step back and become conscious to the situation, you can then start to ground yourself in the present moment.

Be intentional with your notification settings

Have you ever looked at your phone, had about 700 notifications and thought “where do I even begin with ALL of these notifications”? No, you’re not that popular either? Ok same, BUT I have allowed a single notification lead me down a dark path of distraction that I don’t emerge from for HOURS!

My best advice? Set up your devices to work the way you want your mind to work. For me, that doesn’t look like me turning off all my notifications completely, but instead I allow important notifications come through including notifications from different mindfulness apps I have, reminders or messages for work. This way I know if I’m getting a notification, it’s for something intentional rather than every time I get a like on Instagram.

Use your senses

Something I love to do when I’m feeling a bit disconnected is tune in to all my senses. I look at everything around me, I become conscious of the weight of my body on whatever I’m sitting or laying on, I listen to any sounds I can hear. I basically do anything that forces me to completely be in the present moment and to appreciate my surroundings a lot more.

Practice Gratitude

If you catch yourself feeling disassociated from your current surroundings, start listing off the things you’re grateful for. It might be easier, and more natural for you to start off big. “I’m grateful for the fact I woke up this morning, I’m grateful for the home I live in, I’m grateful for the food on my plate and the clean water in my cup”. But then, I challenge you to think of something you’ve never shown gratitude for. “I’m grateful for the fan in my bedroom that keeps me cool at night, I’m grateful for the shoes on my feet, I’m grateful for the meme my friend sent me yesterday that brightened my day and for burritos.

If you really want to take it to level 400 gratitude try thinking of ways in which you’re grateful for things that at first glance might not seem like something to be grateful for. “I’m grateful for the rain because it gives me an excuse to be cozy and watch Netflix all day, I’m grateful that I didn’t get that job because it made me available for the job I really wanted, I’m grateful that I still live at home with my mom because it allows me to spend a lot of time with my family”!

Practicing gratitude has been one of the most successful habits in my journey to creating and cultivating a mindful life and one of my most valuable self-help tools!

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