Mindful Practices You Can Do Right Now

Mindfulness or living mindfully is a very simple concept that can root itself in all aspects of our lives. To me, living mindfully means living a more aware life. It means to live in the present moment and to be fully conscious to your surroundings, to others, and to the decisions you make in life.

We live in a world where we are told exactly what to think, rather than having our own thoughts. We are taught to dwell on the past and worry about the future, rather than living in this very moment. For me, mindful living involves not only doing my best to live in the moment but also involves educating myself on different topics so that I can be a mindful and conscious member of the earth.

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You can look forward to future posts that get more into mindfulness but for today I’m going to share my favourite ways of being mindful. These practices alone, without even learning the whole rundown of mindfulness, can change your life so I wanted to share my tips for those of you looking to hop on the train right now!

Take a step back

As I mentioned above, it’s all too easy to get caught up in doing anything other than living in the present moment. When you find yourself deep down the rabbit hole, take a step back. Realize how far you’ve removed yourself from he current moment. Becoming conscious of this is the first huge step in the right direction. Once you take a step back and become conscious to the situation, you can then start to ground yourself in the present moment.

Turn off your notifications

Set up your phone so you only get notifications for only important things or turn them off completely. This makes it so you have to actually go on your phone and go to specific apps to see your notifications. Each notification you get is a little trap from satan himself to get you to mindlessly scroll through Instagram for hours. You would be surprised at how much less time you spend on my phone when I didn’t have notifications popping up all the time making it harder to put down.

To keep off my phone, I’ve also put group chats on “do not disturb” so I don’t get a million and one notifications and instead I can choose when I jump in to the conversation. I would almost go aw far as saying turn your entire phone on “do not disturb” if you can!

Use your senses

Something I love to do when I’m feeling a bit disconnected is tune in to all my senses. I look at everything around me, I become conscious of the weight of my body on whatever I’m sitting or laying on, I listen to any sounds I can hear. I basically do anything that forces me to completely be in the present moment and to appreciate my surroundings a lot more.

Count your blessings

Literally. Start by writing down 3 things you’re grateful for every night before bed. Think of the best parts about your day and make note of them. This always helps me to feel better immediately. If you can’t commit to this practice every day, link it to the above practices of taking a step back and grounding yourself with your senses. After you’ve taken a step back and tuned into all of your senses, think of your 3 things. Keep in mind these 3 things can be as big as being grateful for your entire life to as small as the perfectly made latte you had this morning. Making note of what you’re grateful for allows you to be more mindful of your life and the best parts of it.

Educate yourself

This is one of the biggest changes I’ve made in my life that has made for a more mindful life. I’m always looking to learn new things and learn more about what I think I already know. It’s hard to know all there is to know about everything and to know the absolute truth but looking to always learn allows you to know more about the world around you. By knowing more, you are able to make more mindful decisions and live a more mindful life.