How to Get Back On Track After Falling Off

It’s been a while hasn’t it? I guess you could say I’m the queen of falling off track… BUT I also know how to get back on track after falling off!

Sometimes life happens. We get busy, our interests change, or we just simply get over whatever it is we were doing. Sometimes we fall off track for a day or two, and sometimes we fall off for months.

I’m very good at this! I dive head first into a project or a habit and then I skip a day and 1 day turns into 2 and 2 days turns into 2 weeks and next thing I know its been months that I’ve been off track. I’ve done this time and time again and luckily I’ve learnt some things along the way to help me not only get back on track a little bit easier, but also to keep from falling off track as often.


How to Get Back On Track After Falling Off

Understand that falling off track is OK!

I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve fallen off track of a goal I had for myself. I’m the type of person to dive nose first into a new goal or habit only to fall off just as easily. It’s not that I lose interest or that it becomes no longer a goal of mine, but rather life happens and I let it.

There’s a million and one reasons that could be behind the drift in your path. Maybe you were giving your all at the gym trying to get in shape but then 2 weeks in you fell off track and now you haven’t been back for 2 months.

Your subconscious and your body could be telling you it needs a break and that this isn’t what you really want. Maybe you feel like you’ve fallen of track in one aspect of your life but you’ve really been working on another aspect.

Maybe you haven’t been to the gym in 2 months but you’ve been working on cleaning up your diet and becoming more mindful of how the foods you eat make you feel. You might feel like you’re dropping the ball in one aspect of your life but you’ve been spending this time working on another aspect.

Everything happens for a reason and it’s important that you honour yourself and where you are on your journey.

The bottom line is that it’s only human nature to change and grow. As we navigate through life our interests change, our motivation fluctuates, and opportunities present themselves differently. What’s important in this situation is that you recognize that you’ve fallen off track and choose to move forward.

Re-evaluate your goals

Once you’ve recognized that you’ve fallen off track and that you want to work towards getting back at it, it’s important to head back to the drawing board.

Go back to the initial goal you had or habit you wanted to implement. In your head or in a journal, go over what the goals is, why you wanted to accomplish this goal and what made you get this goal in the first place. It’s important to re-evaluate the goal and make sure it’s still something you want.

Maybe going to the gym 6 days a week isn’t something you want anymore. Perhaps after reflecting on this goal you realize it’s not feasible for you and your lifestyle. Maybe it is still a goal you have but it needs some tweaking to fit into your lifestyle. Think about what it will take for you to accomplish this goal and what you’re going to do differently this time around to make sure you stick to it.

Once you’ve re-evaluated your goals and habits and mapped out a solid game plan, it’ll be so much easier for you to get back at it AND by creating a game plan for this time around, you’ll be able to realign yourself along the way if ever you feel yourself slipping off!

Channel that New Years energy

Remember that feeling you get at the end of one year/beginning of the next? Realistically it’s just another day but for some reason it feels like a brand new start and that you can do anything you want. At the beginning of the year you have all this positive energy that you put towards you resolutions only to lose sight of things a few weeks later.

I want you to channel that same energy you had at the start of the year into getting back on track. If you think about it, it’s likely the same goals you had at the beginning of the year it’s just a couple months later!

Do what you have to do to light that fire inside yourself again. Maybe you have to craft together a brand new vision board of you traveling to Bali to get yourself back on track with your financial goals or maybe you have to buy a new pair of leggings to get excited about your fitness goals. Hell, maybe you have to throw a New Year 2.0 party to actually get that fiery goal crushing energy flowing again but girl if that’s what you need, you do it!

Just do it!

The only way you’re actually going to get back on track is if you take a running leap and throw yourself back on track.

The most important thing I’ve learnt from all the times I’ve started something or re-started something or even wanted to start something but I didn’t know how is that you just have to do it. The more you think about it, the harder it is to just do it.

Maybe it’s been 2 months since you’ve been to the gym but you and I know for damn sure that there isn’t a magical gym fairy that’s going to come pick you up and bring you back there, you have to just do it!

Starting something is the hardest part but soon after just doing it over and over, you’ll just start doing it out of habit so get up now and go do it! If you start trying to wait till the perfect time, that time will never come and you’ll never get back on track and then in two months from now you’ll be reading this post again wishing you just got up and did it when you read this the first time!

Well there you have it folks! Whether you’re lookin’ to get back on your grind or you’re trying to kick up a new habit, I hope these tips help you!