How To Crush Your New Years Resolutions

Its the beginning of a new year and I’m willing to bet you’ve got a long list of new years resolutions that you’ve already abandoned for your old habits. If you’re anything like how I used to be, you set these huge goals that seem nearly impossible. They’re great and daunting and that alone is enough to keep you from even starting to work towards them.

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I remember the last couple years I would write out this super long list with different categories and sub-resolutions. I’d scour the internet to find out what other people’s resolutions were and see if I could add any of them to my list. I was so determined to become this perfect person who was fit and healthy, who went to sleep at 9pm and only spent 30 minutes a day on my phone.

The thing is, I’m always so determined and driven until it comes to actually tackling the list.

I recently found one of those lists while I was cleaning out my computer and had a good laugh at the fact that I completely forgot about the list the day after I wrote it. Also at the fact that I had not followed through with any of the resolutions on the list.

Skip ahead to this year.

It’s 2 weeks in and because of certain systems and tips, I’m already crushing some of the goals I sent for myself!

How to Crush Your New Years Resolutions

Photo Via    @whitelivingetc

Photo Via @whitelivingetc

Figure Out What You Really Want

One of the biggest mistakes I made when creating my long ass impossible list of resolutions was that I was putting things on my list that I didn’t really want. Maybe they were things that I though would be cool to have as part of my routine but things like doing yoga twice a day and only going on my phone for 30 minutes a day just weren’t practical for me. And honestly, those things weren’t super important to me which meant they were just adding bulk to my resolution list making it that much more daunting.

When thinking of your resolutions or goals, think of what’s really important to you. What do you really want to change or implement in your life? What’s realistic to your and your lifestyle?

Don’t make a resolution to do a spin class 5 times a week if you hate spinning!

Once you decide what’s most important and realistic to you and your lifestyle, you can really focus in on your goals rather than wasting your time on goals you don’t actually want.

Break Down Your Goals Into Smaller Goals

I’m sure you’ve heard this one a million times but the reason I’m including it is because so have I! I’ve heard this one a million times and (like literally everything else in my life) I never saw the value in it until I actually tried it.

Take your goals and break them down into a bunch of smaller goals.

Maybe your goals is to wake up at 8 am every morning. Well, if you usually go to sleep at 2 am and wake up at noon, waking up at 8 am is going to seem impossible! Instead, try setting a goal every week to go to sleep half an hour earlier than you did the week before. If you start going to sleep at 10 pm instead of 2 am, you’ll naturally start waking up earlier. Then you can start setting your alarm earlier and earlier until you reach your goal.

By breaking your big goals down into smaller goals, you get the satisfaction of completing a goal quicker and more often. With the constant satisfaction you’ll be able to crush your goals this year!

Create a Game Plan

Planning to crush your goals will make actually crushing your goals so much easier.

After you’ve broken your goals down into smaller goals, make a game plan. Figure out everything that it’ll take for you to crush each goal and plan out each step you’re gonna take to reach them. Figure out what you might need to buy or get together, how much money you’ll need, when you’ll be able to take time to work towards your goal, etc.

Maybe your goal is to be able to do a headstand (actually one of my goals this year!). Start off by writing down what you’ll need. Maybe you’ll need to find a spot to practice. Maybe you need a yoga mat and some comfy clothes to practice in. Plan out different poses you’re going to do to help build strength in your shoulders and back. Pick a time every day that you’re going to take to practice and work towards crushing your goal.

I hope this inspires you to take another look at your resolution list with a different perspective. Those goals that once seemed so huge and unattainable aren’t so daunting after all, are they?

What’s a new years resolution that’s been on your list for a couple years now?

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