Hey! I’m a Social Media Strategist and a Mindset Mentor! I’m here to help you breakdown mental blocks, master your mindset and bridge the gap between your business and your soulmate clients + customers through beautifully crafted digital marketing strategies!


Being real with you, I’ve known for years that I wanted to create my own business but a lack of confidence and an abundance of fear held me back for ever putting myself out there. It wasn’t until I completely shifted the way I saw myself and the way I saw the world that I felt capable and ready to take the leap. Now that I’ve walked the path I’ve realized how massive of a role your mindset and perspective plays in business, marketing and sharing your story with the world which is why I’m passionate about teaching amazing young women, who are in the same shoes I was in, how to master their mindset, become truly powerful and feel good about sharing themselves and their business with the world!

When I’m not drooling over perfect branding and well-laid-out Instagram feeds, you can catch me obsessing over conspiracy theories, gorging over vegan treats or listening to a good podcast. In 2019, I’m learning to code and to speak German! One day, I’d like to adopt a boxer and live in Denmark. I’m naturally an outgoing introvert and I love a cozy, rainy day just as much as a bright and sunny one and the way to my heart is a perfectly made vanilla latte!